ACT Greens welcome Le Couteur back to Assembly

ACT Greens Leader, Shane Rattenbury, today congratulated returning Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur on the announcement of her appointment to the ACT Legislative Assembly.

“I am excited and pleased to have doubled our representation in the Assembly, and to be able to welcome Caroline back,” said Mr Rattenbury.

“I am proud of everything the Greens have achieved in the Assembly over the last 4 years, and with two of us we can achieve even more.

“This Election, Canberrans clearly rejected the Liberals' backwards and regressive agenda and voted for positive, long term vision for Canberra's future."

Ms Le Couteur said she was excited to be returning to the Legislative Assembly, and looking forward to representing the Murrumbidgee community.

“I have heard really clearly from the Canberra community that they want more and better public transport, more affordable housing and for us to clean up politics. They are concerned about the future of our city, and want it to be sustainable and clean energy powered,” said Ms Le Couteur.

“I am looking forward to working with Shane to implement these reforms and make sure the community is front and centre of everything we do in the Assembly.

Ms Le Couteur also took the opportunity to thank the many volunteers who contributed to the Greens’ campaign over the past few months.

“We have called and knocked on over 60,000 doors across Canberra and had thousands of conversations about what people care about, and what they want for the future of our city.

Mr Rattenbury said that on Election Day more than half the booths had swings to the Greens in Yerrabi, Ginninderra, Kurrajong and Murrumbidgee.

Of particular note:

  • The Greens got record high votes in Bruce East - 13.2% (Ginninderra), Dickson - 31.7% (Kurrajong). Evatt South - 13.6% (Yerrabi). Turner - 28.5% (Kurrajong)
  • The Greens outpolled the Liberals in Ainslie, Ainslie North, Dickson, Downer, Lyneham, Turner and Watson.
  • Indra Esguerra came very close in Ginninderra. Out of the 43,000 votes cast in Ginninderra, Indra missed out on getting elected by just a few hundred votes. 

“As we continue to negotiate the Parliamentary Agreement with the Labor party over the coming week fast and affordable public transport, more affordable housing and crucial reforms to clean up our democracy will be key priorities for the Greens,” concluded Mr Rattenbury.