Community First: Greens launch 2016 platform

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The ACT Greens today launched their 2016 policy platform ahead of the ACT election. 'Community First' puts forward the ACT Greens agenda and vision for Canberra.

"The Greens have a vision for Canberra that puts the community first. That's what our platform is about," said ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury.

"We are a party of the people, the environment and the future of our city. We are not a party for big business, developers or pokies.

"The greatest danger we face this election is that the Liberals will win power through their lies, and take Canberra back decades. That's why the Greens are so committed to putting people first, and campaigning against their destructive agenda," said Mr Rattenbury.

Mr Rattenbury was joined by his fellow candidates for the platform launch.

"The Greens will rebuild trust in our politics by creating an ACT Integrity Commission, banning developer donations and putting people at the centre of government, said candidate for Ginninderra Indra Esguerra.

"We will tackle Canberra's hidden poverty with new, innovative affordable housing projects, and stand with Canberra's LGBTIQ community against the Liberals' harmful and unnecessary plebiscite," said candidate for Yerrabi Veronica Wensing.

"We will extend light rail, improve our buses, and ensure that it is the people of Canberra, not the big developers, who decide how we build our city," said candidate for Murrumbidgee Caroline Le Couteur.

"And we will champion our clean energy future, dramatically reduce the number of pokies in our city and fight for genuine drug law reform to keep people safe," said candidate for Brindabella Michael Mazegarb.

Mr Rattenbury concluded, “after the October election, I hope to be joined in the Assembly by Indra Esguerra (Ginninderra), Caroline Le Couteur (Murrumbidgee), Veronica Wensing (Yerrabi) and Michael Mazengarb (Brindabella).

"We will put the community before big business, developers and pokies – and speak up for everyone who has been forgotten and betrayed by the other parties.

"The Greens are the party of courage and community. We're committed, we're ready, and we'll put the community first," said Mr Rattenbury.

The ACT Greens platform 'Community First' was developed by our members, and represents our vision for Canberra's communities. We will be making specific policy announcements throughout the election campaign.

Click here to download the ACT Greens platform, 'Community First'.