Greens launch campaign with a pledge to put the community first

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The ACT Greens have launched their campaign by announcing three landmark commitments - a plan for affordable housing, a commitment to reduce pokies, and an ACT ICAC to restore community confidence in government and politics.

“The Greens are the party of courage and community. That's what our campaign will be about,” said ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury.

“We're kicking off our campaign by speaking up on for the many people in Canberra who are struggling to find somewhere to live, and who cannot afford a home.

“We will introduce the Nightingale Housing Model to Canberra and dedicate government land to affordable housing. The Greens believe that everyone in our community has the right to somewhere safe, secure and affordable to live. That's why we're bringing Canberra a new model of affordable housing will be a key election commitment for the Greens."

Mr Rattenbury also outlined the first stage of the Greens’ plan for pokies reform.

“Our city has the highest rate of poker machines in Australia. Every year, Canberrans spend millions on poker machines. These machines break up families, ruin lives and send people into financial ruin. The ACT Greens will put the community first and reduce the number of pokie machines in our city by 30% over the ten years,” said Mr Rattenbury.

Mr Rattenbury also called for the establishment of an ICAC for the ACT after recent reports that the ACT Liberals are accepting money from NSW developers.

“Democracy and vested interests don't mix. We've largely avoided scandals in the ACT, but we can't be complacent - in recent months we've seen the Liberals take major donations from developers, and we've seen single-issue parties bankrolled by interest groups.

“We need to learn lessons from other parts of the country, like NSW, where corruption wasn't exposed until it was too late.

“We will establish a ACT Integrity Commissioner to investigate allegations of misconduct. They will also provide advice and support agencies to improve their standards,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Mr Rattenbury told party members and volunteers that he was excited and proud to introduce the Greens' candidates to Canberrans.

“After the October election, I hope to be joined in the Assembly by Indra Esguerra (Ginninderra), Caroline Le Couteur (Murrumbidgee), Veronica Wensing (Yerrabi) and Michael Mazengarb (Brindabella).

“I'll be working with all of our candidates to build on the wins we've already secured for our community - from making Canberra a world-leader in clean energy to record investments in public transport.

“We're committed, we're ready, and we'll always put the community first,” said Mr Rattenbury.

Photos and video of the launch are available upon request.

All candidates are available for comment.

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