Greens condemn Liberal attack

Senate candidate Christina Hobbs has responded to letters issued to Canberrans this week by ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja attacking the Greens and containing false information about Greens policies.

"The Liberals are engaging in attacks and dirty tricks before the campaign has even begun," said Ms Hobbs.

"Zed Seselja is running a scare campaign on our asylum seeker policy. We are not advocating for 'open borders' - we're calling for nothing more than a humane approach that complies with international law.

"He is also misleading Canberrans about our approach to solving the Ice crisis. The Greens are advocating for a sensible change of approach to ending our national drug problem - one that is backed up by the evidence and one that actually works. The Liberals have nothing more than a false scare campaign and that's not going to fix the problem.

"I am proud of our progressive vision for Canberra. This election race should be about ideas. If Zed Seselja wants to debate me in a public arena I would be more than happy to - instead of running a scare campaign in people's letter boxes."

Ms Hobbs said that Senator Seselja should focus on standing up for Canberra's public sector jobs instead of engaging in attacks.

"At least Gary Humphries used to defend Canberra in Parliament. In Zed Seselja's entire term in federal parliament I haven't heard him stand up against public service job cuts once. Let's have an election about ideas - not gutter politics and attacks."

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