Help fight Liberal Lies


We’re under attack.

The Liberals, the pokie lobby, and their new front party have been attacking the Greens, telling lies about rates, and trying to smear my reputation.

It’s ridiculous - but it’s just the tip of the iceburg in a smear campaign against the Greens that will only get worse before election day.

Will you make an urgent donation so that we can buy an ad the Canberra Times before the election?

Canberrans aren’t stupid. They can look at campaign smears and see right through them - but only if they get to hear the other side.

That’s why I want to reach out to Canberrans directly. Will you make a donation so that we can combat the lies next week?

The Liberals, backed by the big end of town, are already trying to bury us in advertising. And the pokies lobby is expected to spend up to $100,000 on ads before election day.

Together I know we can do it, but only if we all contribute in these critical last days.

Thanks for all your support.

Shane Rattenbury
ACT Greens Leader


Who's donating

Melissa Robbie
David Teather
Helen Woittiez
Tom Greenwell
Graeme Kelleher.AO
Chris Gordon
Graeme Clarke
Judith Bourne
Marcus Hassall
David Blaazer
Rob Heinsohn
Rebecca Sweet
Marilyn Higgins
Peter Lindenmayer
Jane Gorrie
martin Silsby
Linda Anchell
David Hermolin
Paul Edwards
Evahn Derkley
Neville Jackson
David Hamilton
Julie Kidd
Thelma Winroe
Anna Chang
Sue Wareham
Christopher Skene
Allan Jackson
John Kenworthy
Contributions are tax deductible.

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