Greens’ federal election candidates pledge to make Canberrans matter

Tim Hollo, Greens Candidate for Canberra

Penny Kyburz, Greens Lead Senate Candidate for the ACT

Community activist, environmentalist and musician Tim Hollo will contest the new winnable seat of Canberra for the ACT Greens at the upcoming federal election and academic, innovator, and policy adviser Penny Kyburz will take the number one spot on the Senate ticket, both pledging to be powerful voices for the ACT’s progressive values on the House of Representatives’ crossbench and in the Senate. 

“The major parties take Canberra for granted, reducing our vibrant community to little more than a shorthand for a Federal Government which doesn’t speak for us. But with the brand new seat of Canberra, we can wipe the slate clean and elect an MP who will work hand in hand with the community for progressive results, open up a space in Parliament for the community to be heard, and vote with our community’s values every time,” said Canberra candidate Tim Hollo.

“Whether it’s facing up to the climate crisis, ensuring corporations pay their fair share, standing up for refugees, respecting the role of universities, or defending our democracy, only the Greens will stand with Canberrans in the Parliament as we do in the streets. We will never push aside our shared values to appease big donors and lobbyists, or toe a party line that our fellow Canberrans don’t agree with,” Mr Hollo said.

“While most of Australia votes to ‘send a message to Canberra’, we’ll take a powerful message from Canberrans to the Federal Parliament. The Greens will make sure the Canberra community is heard and that the issues we care about are on the national agenda,” said Senate candidate Dr Penny Kyburz.

 “In the Senate, Zed Seselja’s 'representation’ of the ACT has been a slap in the face. He stands with Tony Abbott more often than he stands with Canberrans - failing to even show up at the Senate vote on marriage equality and refusing to stand up for the Territory’s rights in this week's repeal of the Andrews Bill. We all deserve better,” Dr Kyburz said.

Johnathan Davis has been preselected as the candidate for the ACT’s new southern seat of Bean, which is now without an incumbent representative. Andrew Braddock will run in the northern seat of Fenner and Emma Davidson has been selected to fill the second spot on the ACT Greens’ Senate ticket, all three having previously contested the ACT Legislative Assembly election in 2016.

“Over 10 years in the ACT Assembly, the Greens have proven our capacity to govern responsibly, making genuine progress on the issues that matter to Canberrans - achieving 100% renewable electricity for 2020, cleaning up politics with an Integrity Commission and bringing forward new ideas for housing so that all Canberrans can have a place to call home,” said ACT Greens Leader Shane Rattenbury MLA.

“It’s time our Territory had Greens at the federal level to amplify our community’s voice, hold the other parties to a higher standard, and build a better future for all of us,” Mr Rattenbury said.

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