Greens commit $1 million in funding for Canberra's domestic violence refuges

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Senate candidate Christina Hobbs has announced the ACT Greens's final commitment for the campaign, to provide $1 million over four years in funding for Canberra's specialist domestic violence refuges.

“We're in the midst of a domestic violence crisis, with women being turned away from face to face violence or homelessness services, due to a lack of funding,” Ms Hobbs said.

“Every woman who bravely reaches out for help to escape domestic violence must be supported.

“That’s why we Greens are committing $600,000 over the next four years to reverse the funding cuts that have been made to Beryl Women Inc and Doris Women's Refuge. We'll also allocate another $400,000 to boost their capacity to meet increased demand in the Canberra region.

“We can fund domestic violence services so no woman is turned away, by raising revenue from those who can afford to pay their fair share - for example through reforming negative gearing, the capital gains discount and superannuation taxation.

“Why should women fleeing domestic violence go homeless, while the very wealthy get taxpayer-funded subsidies for their multiple investment homes?

“We have the courage and compassion to take on this shameful domestic violence crisis by making sure no woman is turned away when she bravely reaches out for help to survive,” Ms Hobbs said.

Ms Hobbs she and Senator Larissa Waters had chosen Canberra to launch the party's leading domestic violence policy in May. This announcement confirms that the party was putting domestic violence front and center of this election.

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