Drug Law Reform

The law and order approach to drug use is not working, and people are dying because of it. The ACT Greens believe that our priority must always be keeping people safe, alive and healthy.

Last year at music festivals in Australia the use of ‘party drugs’ caused the deaths of six young people, and injured many more. That is six young people too many. We need a new approach to drug use that prioritises health and harm-minimisation over an outdated and ineffective ‘war on drugs.'

We want to hear from you. Do you have a story or experience about the current approach to drug use, and how it does or doesn't work? Do you have suggestions or ideas for how to keep people healthy and safe in our community?

Please share your story below. We will keep it confidential unless you specify otherwise. We may use your (anonymised) stories in the Legislative Assembly, or in the community, to call for change.