Donate to V for Victory

The Victorian Election is on November 29 - and we ACT Greens have the opportunity to make a difference in these final crucial weeks.

We will lend our support in two ways. Firstly, volunteers in the ACT will be making calls to Victorian voters, to discuss the important issues at this election. Secondly, we will be sending a team of volunteers from the ACT to Victoria, to boost their camapign in the crucial final two weeks.

Your donation will help to make this possible by contributing to the costs of operating our phone bank, as well as the transport and accommodation expenses of our volunteers heading to Victoria. Thank you for your generosity. 

Donors should be aware ACT electoral law requires us to provide details of gifts over $1000 to Elections ACT. For an individual those details include the date and amount of the gift and the name and address of the donor. Elections ACT makes these details public. Multiple gifts which sum to over $1000 must also be disclosed. More information about disclosure obligations under ACT electoral law is available on the Elections ACT website.

GOAL: $2,000.00