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With the Coalition Government waging a war on clean energy, locking up refugees and slashing health and education, ACT politics is more important than ever.

This year, we'll be fighting for more Greens in the ACT Assembly - and we'll be trying to make history in the Senate.

But we're going to need your help. Will you kickstart our campaign with a donation today?

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You can make your mark on this election:

  • $50 buys 5 yard signs to put up in front yard,
  • $75 buys 1000 fliers that we can hand out when visiting voters,
  • $100 buys 200 letters we can mail to voters about our values and what we have achieved,
  • $150 buys 2,500 text messages to supporters asking them to volunteer
  • $200 can go towards mobile phones so neighbourhood teams can make calls from their own homes,
  • $1,000 pays for Facebook advertising which reaches hundreds of thousands of voters
  • $50,000 buys a direct mail to every voter in Canberra.

You can claim a tax deduction for donations to political parties to a total of $1,500. More information is here.

Who's donating

Ted Catchpole
Ted Catchpole
Greg Tannahill
Casey Farley
Nicola Johnston
Jennifer Morton
Ted Catchpole
Kathy Eyles
Susan Nicholls
John Garnett
Shannon Garrett
Maarten van der Kleij
Susan MacGillivray
Anna Molan
Marie Ryan
Margaret Bearlin
Melissa Robbie
Alison Shepherd
Alice Bedlington
Andrew Chiswell
Anne Forsythe
Andrea Szabo
Lucia Mayo
Alice Bedlington
Maxwell Pearce
David Hermolin
Robert Bruce
Ted Catchpole

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