ACT Government welcomes ‘dodgy discounts’ ban

Shane Rattenbury, MLA

The ACT Government today welcomed news that the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) will make a new rule to prohibit energy retailers from making discounts appear bigger than they actually are.

The AEMC is the independent rule maker for Australia’s energy markets.

The rule will ban energy retailers from discounting off market retail contracts where all the rates in the contract (such as usage rates and daily charges) are above the equivalent rates in a standing offer.

“These types of deals are deliberately designed to confuse consumers—inflating the base rate to make discounts appear bigger than they actually are,” Minister Rattenbury said.

“That said, we encourage consumers to keep an eye out for discounts, and to make sure you know what you are signing up to, and choose what’s best for your household or business.”

The new rule starts on 1 July 2018.