ACT Greens pledge accessibility, inclusion for people with disabilities

ACT Greens candidate Veronica Wensing is addressing today’s People With Disabilities rally in Woden, announcing the Greens’ plan to protect the NDIS and improve accessibility around Canberra.

“Putting the community first means that every member of our community should be able to get around the city, make decisions about their lives and participate fully in our community.

“It’s time we started focusing on removing the barriers that we have created in our society, rather than trying to find ways of changing people or their disabilities,” Ms Wensing said.

The ACT Greens’ plan for a more accessible and inclusive Canberra builds on the Greens’ earlier commitment to new Territory-wide housing accessibility standards by 2020.

“The ACT Greens are pledging to make 100 per cent of Canberra’s buses compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

“And, we’ll set up an Access Advisory Council to make sure that we’re building our city for all members of our community - so everyone can use our public transport, enjoy our urban spaces and participate in the activities that they want to.

“People with disabilities are often forced to live in a world that is designed for people without disabilities, and is full of barriers to their full participation and inclusion - and our city is worse off for that.

“The ACT Greens believe in a Canberra that values every member of our community,” concluded Ms Wensing.

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