Our vision

The Greens have a vision for Canberra that puts the community first. We are not a party for big business, developers or pokies. We will stand with the people, for the environment and the future of our city.

We believe in a Canberra where everyone matters, where we care for each other.

A Canberra that takes real action on climate change – and builds new jobs and new industries in renewable energy.

A Canberra that's admired by the rest of the country for being prosperous and fair.

A Canberra where the community comes first.

It's the Greens who have driven and delivered the biggest reforms this city has ever seen – from leading the nation on climate action, to our world-class renewable energy targets, to changing the conversation on light rail.

But at this election, there is a real danger that the Liberals will take us back decades on climate action, gay rights and public transport. They will put the big end of town ahead of the community.

It's the Greens who will rebuild trust in our politics by creating an ACT Integrity Commission.

We will tackle Canberra's hidden poverty with new, innovative affordable housing projects.

We will extend light rail, and we won't stop until every Canberran has the best quality public transport.

We will put the community before big business, developers and pokies – and speak up for everyone who has been forgotten and betrayed by the other parties.

The Greens are the party of courage and community. We're committed, we're ready, and we'll put the community first.

To read our full policy platform and find out more about our plan for Canberra, click here.