Greens guarantee childcare for all Canberra families

Hear more from the Greens in the 2CC radio coverage of this story.

ACT Greens senate candidate Christina Hobbs has today announced that the Greens will guarantee a minimum of 24 hours of subsidised care offered to every Canberra family each week.

“Canberra shoulders the most expensive child care in the country, and for many mums it simply doesn't make sense to return to work” said Ms Hobbs.

“The latest Productivity Commission numbers show that the average cost of long daycare in the ACT is $463 per week. That is $78 more than the national average for weekly care and $47 more expensive than New South Wales.

“The truth is, families need help and the sector needs reform.

“Someone needs to stand up and make sure that every child in Canberra has access to professional, high quality early education.

“With 24 hours of subsidy being made available to all families, the Greens’ plan would give mums and dads access to 2-3 days of care a week while helping them to balance the household budget.”

Ms Hobbs said that Families earning under $65,000 per year would have 85% of the cost of their care covered, with that amount tapering off until families who earn over $340,000 have 20% of their costs covered.

The Greens have also announced a $200 million ‘Reducing Waiting Lists Fund’, that centres could apply to access for either capital works, increasing staff or the expansion of specific programs to free up more places in high need areas.

“While the Liberal Party talks about reforming the sector, their proposal has serious flaws and they’ve put it in the too-hard-basket, saying they won’t be doing anything for years. Labor wants to funnel billions of dollars into the current, failing system which runs the real risk of driving up fees even further.

“Only the Greens have a sensible middle-path that will reform the sector, give children access to the education that they need and help parents deal with the rising cost of care” Ms Hobbs said.

Implementing the Greens’ policy of ‘Universal Access’ would add $370 million per year to the cost of the government’s proposed childcare overhaul. This would be funded through the Greens fully costed platform.

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