Greens affirm support for carbon neutrality by 2030 - and call on Liberals to stand up for ARENA

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The Greens have reaffirmed their commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2020 and zero net emissions by 2030. The Greens have also called on the Canberra Liberals to stand up against the Turnbull Government's $1.3 billion in funding cuts to ARENA.

"The Greens remain committed to an ambitious plan for 100% renewable energy by 2020 and zero net emissions by 2030 - we have been committed to that for years," Mr Mazengarb said.

Mr Mazengarb's comments follow the Conservation Council's call on parties to support zero net emissions by 2030 - something the Greens already support.

"The Greens are the only party with the courage to take action against global warming. We have alwaysfought for ambitious but achievable emissions targets.

"We are running out of time to save our precious natural places from pollution and destruction and avert a global warming catastrophe. We're also running out of time to seize the opportunities that come from investing in clean energy."

"Global warming is not just a threat to our environment, but to our communities and our every day lives. Taking action is about putting the community first to save our planet."

Mr Mazengarb also noted the Liberals' recent backflip on renewable energy following years of blocking and mocking climate action.

"Not only have the Liberals fought climate action for years, they've openly mocked our efforts. They have called our targets "utterly unachievable", derided our solar and wind farms, and suggested we could simply plant trees to solve the climate crisis instead.

"Agencies like ARENA, which the Australian Greens successfully campaigned to establish, have supported some of Australia's leading clean energy researchers at research institutions like the ANU and CSIRO.

"If the Liberals suddenly care about renewable energy and climate action, they should stand up for Canberra and campaign against cuts of billions of dollars in government funding for clean energy research. It's not too late for them to show some backbone and put their money where their mouth is.

"The truth is that the Liberals can't be trusted on climate or renewables, and their backflip is this week is just the latest example. They'll tell people whatever they want to hear and say anything to win."

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