Greens announce candidate spokespeople

Hear more from the Greens in the Canberra Times coverage of this story.

The ACT Greens have announced their spokespeople for the 2016 Territory Election. 

“Canberra is a progressive, forward-thinking place. I am proud to be part of a team of fantastic candidates who will stand up for what matters and have a vision for a fairer, more sustainable and more innovative Canberra,” said Shane Rattenbury.

“Thanks in a large part to the Greens’ role in the Assembly, in the last four years we have made light rail a reality, lead the country with our commitment to clean energy and delivered a very important and innovative homelessness project in the ACT with the opening of Common Ground. I am very excited about running a people-powered election campaign that see more Greens elected to the Legislative Assembly,” said Mr Rattenbury.

Caroline Le Couteur, candidate for Murrumbidgee, is the ACT Greens spokesperson for Economic Development and Small Business; Planning and Community Engagement; Seniors; Food security; Animal Welfare and Digital Policy.

“I am looking forward to campaigning for our Greens’ vision for a more vibrant, diverse and sustainable Canberra economy. I am proud of my achievements in the previous Assembly to make Canberra homes more energy-efficient, improve local planning consultation and strengthen animal welfare,” said Ms Le Couteur.

Indra Esguerra, candidate for Ginninderra, is the spokesperson for Health; Biodiversity and Conservation; Bushfire Management and Response; Multicultural Affairs; Arts and Culture; and Tourism and Events.

“As a Canberra local I understand what makes Canberra special, and I have spent my whole life standing up for Canberra’s unique environment and our community. As the spokesperson for health, and a mother of two school-aged children, I am committed to putting accessible and affordable health care back on the agenda. I have spent over two decades working to protect our forests and clean up our lakes, and will ensure that protecting Canberra’s natural wonders is a central to our election campaign,” said Ms Esguerra.

“I have spent most of my career in the community sector running local services for women. I am passionate about campaigning for more funding for domestic violence services, and a genuine commitment to giving women the support they need when fleeing violence,” said Yerrabi candidate Veronica Wensing.

“Canberra is a remarkable place to live - I love our diversity and culture. As the Greens spokesperson for Social Inclusion I will be outspoken on ensuring that we create a more equal, and compassionate society for everyone,” said Ms Wensing. 

“I was born and raised in Tuggeranong. This is where my love for the environment began, and I have been working ever since to safeguard our planet against global warming and build the clean energy investment we need to power our future,” said Brindabella candidate Michael Mazengarb. 

“As a young person growing up in Tuggeranong, it was very common for young people to move out of Tuggeranong, or leave Canberra altogether to be closer to University, or to find jobs in areas outside of the public service like engineering, science, and creative arts. As the spokesperson for young people I want to start a real conversation about how we can ensure our young people have the opportunity to pursue their ambitions wherever they live,” said Mr Mazengarb. 

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