Canberra Liberals must not abandon ACT's clean energy target

The ACT Greens are calling on the Canberra Liberals to come clean about their plans for the ACT's 100% clean energy target, in light of Malcolm Turnbull's latest attack on renewables.

"The Canberra Liberals must either stand up to their Prime Minister's attacks on clean energy or come clean about their plans for the ACT's 100% target," said ACT Greens energy spokesperson Michael Mazengarb.

"The Canberra Liberals have done nothing to challenge PM Turnbull's statements, but they expect Canberrans to believe they won't tear down the ACT's targets. We won't be taken for fools.

"Canberrans are rightly proud of our nation-leading 100% target, and the fact we're on track to reach it by 2020. They deserve to know what will happen to it after the election.

“Liberals all over the country have fought against climate action for years. They have called our targets 'utterly unachievable' and derided our solar and wind farms.

"The Canberra Liberals lied about rates, they're lying about light rail and they can't be trusted with our clean energy target.

"It's time for the Canberra Liberals to stand up to PM Turnbull or come clean with Canberrans," Mr Mazengarb said.