Greens commit $6 million for bikes and walking infrastructure, including new sharedzones in Weston Creek, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong

Senator Janet Rice has joined ACT Greens senate candidate Christina Hobbs to announce $6 million in federal funding for bikes and walking infrastructure for Canberra.

“The bike is the world’s most energy efficient vehicle, but its role in a clean transport future is largely being ignored,” said ACT Greens senate candidate Christina Hobbs.

“We all want to be able to travel without the congestion choking our roads. Half of the car trips in our capital cities are less than five kilometres, which is easily doable on a bike. All we need is the right infrastructure to make these journeys quick, safe and easy.

“That’s why the Greens will make a $6 million commitment to building shared spaces, shareways, and better active transport connections for Weston Creek, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong.

“In Gungahlin, one of Canberra’s fastest growing town centres, this would create a shareway on Hibberson Street adjacent to the Gungahlin Marketplace. In Weston Creek, a shareway would be created on Brierly Street near the local shops.

“These shareways would resemble the shared facilities on Bunda Street in the city.

“We’ll also make a $1 million federal contribution to improve walking and cycling connections around the Tuggeranong town centre, which has been the subject of a recent feasibility study.

“This investment will make it easier and safer for Canberrans to jump on their bike or make their journey by foot.“

Australian Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice said that these projects would be funded by the Greens’ Active Transport Fund announced earlier this month.

“We cannot leave bike and walking infrastructure to state and territory governments alone. This leads to many areas simply missing out because of lack of funds and inefficiencies,” said Senator Rice.

“Last year, 32 people died while riding their bikes on Australian roads. Over the past five years, cyclist deaths are the only category of roads users whose death toll is trending upwards.

“The best way to prevent these tragedies is to invest in safer facilities for people to ride,” said Senator Rice.

Ms Hobbs said that Australia needs a national commitment to active transport.

“Australia needs a national commitment to bike infrastructure, as we have for roads, rail and shipping, and the Greens have the courage to make it happen.”

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