Better transport

Imagine what Canberra could look like if we invested in the things that matter.

If we put the community first and made it easier to get around our city.

And built infrastructure for the future, starting with an affordable, connected public transport system that takes pressure off our roads, our land and our precious natural places.

Imagine if we protected our children’s future and took real action on global warming, with a light rail network that’s powered by clean energy, connected to bike and walking paths, and integrated with our buses.

The Greens are making that vision a reality. Light rail will help us transition to a truly sustainable and connected Canberra.

The first stage of light rail will connect Gungahlin to the city, running along Northbourne Avenue, Flemington Road, and revitalising this key corridor – and that’s only the beginning. We won’t stop until everyone in Canberra has fast, convenient public transport that works for them.

At this election, we have announced a commitment to take light rail to Woden, a $130 million package to power our public transport with clean energy, a $57 million investment for more and better buses, a plan for better roads, not more roads, an innovative trial to integrate buses and taxis, and a bus fare freeze to keep transport costs fair.

The Greens also want Canberra to become a world leading city for active travel, encouraging people to walk and cycle to and from work and social activities. Planning our city to prioritise active transport is a key tool to create a long term sustainable and healthy city that looks after people and the environment.  

But we can’t achieve this without giving priority to active transport and by providing proper funding.  

That’s why the ACT Greens have announced a comprehensive Active Transport Plan including $60 million in cycling and walking infrastructurebetter bike infrastructure and new cycling facilities; the establishment of an active travel office; and traffic calming to keep kids safe around schools


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