Ban welcomed in greyhound racing industry transition

In welcoming the government’s decision to ban greyhound racing in the ACT, the ACT Greens today call the government to focus on the welfare of dogs and supporting the transition of ACT industry workers over the course of the next year.

“Along with our Canberra community, the Greens are thrilled at the government’s decision to ban greyhound racing in the ACT today,” said Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur. “This is a fantastic outcome, as is the recent ending of the exorbitant $1 million subsidy to support the greyhound racing industry.

“The ACT Greens have long argued for an end to this exploitative industry – by focusing on the welfare of the dogs and supporting the ACT workers to transition. For too long, the industry has been allowed to get away with cruel animal practices, including the unnecessary slaughter of animals deemed ‘unsuitable for racing’.

“While we recognise that this process will be a difficult one for some people, we support the recommendations to work with individuals to help them retrain or find employment in other industries,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“We encourage the ACT Government to work closely with local animal welfare groups as part of the transition, particularly once it is confirmed how many greyhounds will need to be re-homed. The Greens will also continue to work with the Government to ensure strict animal welfare standards are in place for any trainers and breeders who continue to operate in the ACT.

“Over the border, it was very disappointing to see the NSW Government back flip on their previous commitment to ban greyhound racing, and we recognise that some people in the ACT may continue to race greyhounds in NSW. Certainly, we encourage the government to stand strong on this issue over time.

“We will be following the new regulatory developments in NSW closely, and working with our Greens colleagues in other states and territories to work towards a national ban on greyhound racing, which is an industry that has been responsible for endemic animal cruelty and which we believe cannot be reformed,” Ms Le Couteur added.