Baking buns for the community and AMC visitors

Shane Rattenbury, MLA

Detainees working in the Alexander Maconochie Centre Bakery are giving back to the community this Easter by providing hot cross buns to Beryl Women Inc. and visitors.

Since the bakery opened in October last year, detainees have produced an increasing range of baked goods for detainees, staff and visitors.

Now, for the first time detainees have prepared goods for a community organisation. Beryl Women Inc., the longest running refuge in Australia, was provided with 50 hot cross buns to be distributed over Easter to families in need. Beryl Women Inc. provides support and safe housing to women and children escaping domestic violence in the ACT.

Currently seven female detainees are employed by the bakery, where they are learning real-life skills that will be able to feed into trade qualifications. The addition of the second baker will also allow men to access this employment and obtain further skills.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Corrections Shane Rattenbury:

 “The range of items now being baked and the provision of hot cross buns to Beryl Women Inc is a sign of how much the detainees employed by the bakery have developed their skills in the short time that the bakery has been open.

“The appointment of a second bakery supervisor early next month to oversee the bakery facility will further increase the bakery’s capacity and the number of detainees able to be employed there.

“For many detainees, employment in prison is the second chance they need to successfully reintegrate into the community at the end of their sentences. This is a significant step as we work towards reducing recidivism by 25% by 2025.

“Employment in prison work industries is recognised as a successful rehabilitation tool. It is pleasing to see this industry delivering benefits to the AMC, detainees and the broader ACT community.”