Greens call on Zed Seselja to stand up to the Liberals' attacks on Canberra's public service

Hear more from the Greens in the Win News coverage of this story.

ACT Greens Senate candidate Christina Hobbs has condemned Zed Seselja's refusal to stand up for public service jobs.

"Under Tony Abbott, thousands of public service jobs were slashed in Canberra. Now, it looks like the Abbott-turned-Turnbull government is coming back for round two and Zed Seselja is nowhere to be seen," said ACT Greens Senate candidate Christina Hobbs.

Ms Hobbs was responding to today's reports of new cuts to the public service.

"Public servants are an enormous part of the Canberran community, and they provide vital services to support all Australians. If today's reports are true, then it looks like little has changed from the Abbott-era slash and burn approach to public service jobs in the Territory." 

"The Greens are the only party with the courage to oppose giving more tax cuts to big business and the very wealthy [1] at the expense of ordinary Australians.

"Instead of throwing billions of dollars to mega fossil fuel companies, Zed Seselja and the Liberal Party should prioritise using our tax dollars to provide the basic public services that support real people.

"Canberrans have a choice this election between the extreme-right Liberal Senator Zed Seselja who has stood by in virtual silence as his colleagues have slashed and burned Canberra jobs, and a progressive Green voice in the Senate who wants to see greater investment in the vital public services that Canberrans provide" said Ms Hobbs.

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