Time for real action on affordable housing

The ACT Greens have continued to focus on affordable housing ahead of the October election, announcing they will develop a new housing affordability action plan and wherever possible will dedicate 10% of housing on all  government owned infill sites to affordable housing. 

“Housing affordability is a major priority for the Greens. We want young people to land on their feet, and to be able to afford a home,” said ACT Greens housing spokesperson Veronica Wensing.

“This generation of home-leavers is the first that will be worse off than their parents - and they are forecast to never be able to afford their own home. That should be reason enough to put affordable housing at the top of every government’s agenda.

“Labor and the Liberals have had decades to address this, but they have failed.

“If the last twenty years have shown us anything, it's that housing affordability is not a problem that can simply be left to the market. That's why we're announcing that we'll put the community first by requiring that wherever possible, 10% of housing on all infill sites owned by government be affordable housing.  

 “We'll set income criteria for applications to ensure that properties go to people in genuine need.

“Our 10% requirement will ensure that we have more affordable housing maintained in the inner north and south. That means more people will be able to afford a house to live in, and stay in Canberra doing the jobs they want to do.

“The community is calling out for action. The Greens are the only party that is putting the community first and answering that call,” said Ms Wensing.


Click here to download the initiative.