Affordable housing

Putting the community first means making sure everyone lands on their feet.

We want Canberrans to be able to afford a house to live in, and to stay in Canberra doing the jobs they want to do.

Labor and the Liberals have had decades to tackle affordable housing. They have failed.

The Greens believe it’s time to put people at the centre of housing – not developers.

The Greens will support community housing. That includes new models of affordable housing that allow people to be involved in the shaping of their community and their developments. We will bring new housing models to Canberra that disrupt the status quo.

We will improve renter's rights. The Greens will set minimum standards for all rental properties to ensure that lessors aren't allowed to leave students, young families, vulnerable older people, or anyone in our community, shivering through winter and roasting in summer.

And, the Greens will tackle homelessness and fund our local homelessness services.

At this election, we have announced a universal housing package to make sure housing works for people; a plan for an age-friendly city to make our suburbs more accessible; a plan for real action on affordable housing; a plan for affordable and energy efficient housing for renters (and everyone!); a plan to put people before developers and bring Nightingale to Canberra; a plan to invest in frontline homelessness services; and a plan for more community housing for more people in our community.

It's time to put the community first and make housing more affordable - and accessible.