ACT Greens will invest in Canberra’s cultural diversity

The ACT Greens have announced their plan to invest in Canberra’s multicultural communities and ensure that all Canberrans have equal rights and opportunities.

“The ACT is a wonderfully diverse community, made up of people from many different backgrounds and cultures - and our community is richer for it,” said Indra Esguerra, ACT Greens spokesperson on multiculturalism.

“I know first hand the valuable contribution that other cultures bring to our community, being half German and half Filipino.

“Sadly, like most members of our multicultural community, I also understand how destructive and damaging racism, misinformation and discrimination can be.

“That’s why the Greens will increase funding for advocacy and representation to establish a multicultural advisory body and instruct the ACT Human Rights Commission to combat racial and religious vilification.

“The Greens are also committed to providing more spaces where groups can come together, meet, celebrate and support each other. That’s why we will increase community access to government facilities and conduct a feasibility study for a new Multicultural Centre in Gungahlin.

“We will also provide additional funding for community language schools to help people connect to their cultural background, and to strengthen inter-cultural understanding in our community.

“The ACT Greens believe that our city is richer because of its diversity of culture, language, religion and ethnicity. We will stand up against racism, discrimination and bigotry in all their forms" Ms Esguerra said.

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