ACT Greens welcome prospect of third federal seat for the ACT

The ACT Greens welcome the prospect of the ACT gaining a third seat in the federal House of Representatives.

“The people of Canberra deserve to have their voice heard in the Federal Parliament. A third lower house seat in the ACT is more representative and more democratic, and will give the voters of Canberra a real opportunity to elect a much needed alternative to the two old parties,” said ACT Greens Convenor Michael Mazengarb

“There is no doubt that the Federal Liberal and Labor parties have grown complacent with two ‘safe’ Labor seats in the Federal lower house.

“Successive Federal Liberal and Labor Government have gutted our public service, and the Coalition continues to display contempt for Canberrans as Ministers attempt to transplant ACT residents working in federal agencies, such as the  Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, into their own electorates”.

The Australian Electoral Commission will make the official determination of seat allocations over the next month, however the ACT Greens are hopeful of the ACT gaining increased representation in our Federal Parliament.

Each of the current federal seats in the ACT have remained safe Labor seats for over two decades and as a result, Canberra residents receive little attention when it comes to election commitments from either the Labor or Liberal parties.

“Past election results shows us that a third ACT federal seat in central Canberra could be  a winnable seat for the Greens. A genuine contest for federal seats in the ACT would only be to the benefit of the Canberra community.” ACT Greens Convenor Michael Mazengarb said.

“The last time the ACT had three federal seats in 1998, with the electorate of Namadgi, it was in fact the last time the ACT had what could be described as a marginal seat.”

With the prospect of an additional seat, particularly with one based around central Canberra, all three of the ACT seats could go to different parties. The ACT Greens would seek to replicate the success of Greens campaigns in other states, such as in the seat of Melbourne, to offer a genuinely progressive choice for Canberra voters.

“It is clear that the two major parties tend to favour marginal seats when it comes to election time, and if the ACT were to gain a new marginal electorate, the Canberra community would stand to benefit as the parties would have to genuinely compete for the support of voters”



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