ACT Greens welcome government action on Charter of Young People’s Rights in Detention

Caroline Le Couteur

The ACT Greens welcome news that the government has heeded the call from the Greens’ to establish a Charter of Rights for Young People in Detention in the ACT. The ACT Greens have advocated extensively on this issue, as we believe that “a new approach is necessary” to ensure that we secure the rights of children and young people in detention in the ACT.

"We know that a young person’s time in detention will have consequences not only for their time during detention, but for years to come—impacting their lives, and the lives of their families and community,” Ms Le Couteur said.

“By ensuring that young people are aware of their rights and responsibilities while in detention, we’re helping young people to move forward with their lives, and interact with others from a shared understanding of their mutual rights and responsibilities.
"When it comes to protecting the rights of children, we cannot afford any further delay, particularly given the apparent erosion of cultural practice in the Bimberi Youth Facility among some staff more recently,” Ms Le Couteur said.
The Australian Children’s Commissioners and Guardians first called for jurisdictions to develop such a Charter in 2014.
This news arrives not a day too soon for young people in detention, their families, and the wider community,” Ms Le Couteur added.
Earlier statements from Ms Le Couteur calling for a Charter of Young Person’s Rights can be found here.