ACT Greens condemn Liberal backflip

The ACT Greens have condemned NSW Liberal leader Mike Baird's greyhound backflip and vowed to take all action necessary to make sure it doesn't result in dodgy operators moving to the ACT greyhound industry.

"The greyhound racing industry in the ACT is small, exploitative and expensive. We need a plan to wind down this cruel industry, not open up a new market for the NSW gambling lobby to exploit," said spokesperson for animal welfare Caroline Le Couteur.

"Today's back flip has confirmed what we've known all along - you can't trust the Liberals. Not here, not anywhere.

"The Liberal Party's back flip creates a backdoor into the ACT for NSW dodgy operators who want to avoid NSW regulations and race their dogs here instead. 

"The ACT Greens will do everything in our power to stop that happening. We won't stand for greyhounds being mistreated and exploited in the ACT because the NSW Liberals don't have the courage to stand up to the gambling lobby. 

 "The ACT Greens have already committed to ending government subsidies to this small, cruel and exploitative industry and begin the industry transition immediately.

"We will look at all options to make sure the Liberals' backflip doesn't result in a boom in greyhound racing in the Territory.  

"The community in both the ACT and NSW have made their position very clear. There is no longer support for this cruel, exploitative industry. It's time for politicians to start listening to the community, not the gambling lobby."