#LoveWillWin: Time for a rainbow crossing in the ACT

Shane Rattenbury

The ACT Greens today reaffirm our continued support for marriage equality in the ACT.

“The Greens have always stood up for marriage equality –Greens MPs have regularly proposed legislation for marriage equality around the country, and of course Greens MPs have voted in favour of change every time it has come before a Parliament,” Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury said.

“The ACT Greens strongly support the Chief Minister’s call for the ACT to be the most LGBTIQ friendly jurisdiction in the country.

“The time has well and truly come for marriage equality in Australia. Love is love, and any two people who want to commit, and publicly celebrate their love for one another before family and friends should have the opportunity. All Australians should be treated equally in the Marriage Act, just as they should be in every other Act of Parliament.

“I and my colleague Caroline Le Couteur will be voting yes for marriage equality, and we urge all other Canberrans to vote yes. 

“At a practical level, one idea the Greens want to share is for the painting of a “rainbow crossing” in the ACT.

“Some will remember that Sydney City Council installed a highly popular rainbow crossing on Oxford St in late 2012, before the then NSW Minister for Transport Duncan Gay ordered that it be removed.

“The following year, Canberrans chalked DIY rainbow crossings around the city in support of the Territory’s moves towards marriage equality—until, as we all know, the High Court sadly ruled our legislation invalid.

“The time has come for the ACT to give residents a place to cross the LGBTIQ divide, for politicians to cross the floor on old positions, and simply put – to cross a rainbow road crossing. It’s a visible sign, and clear message from Government that Canberra is an LGBTIQ friendly and supportive place to live and to visit.

“There are many ways to do this safely—using a crossing controlled by traffic lights, such  as the crossing between the Canberra Centre on Bunda St or the crossing on Akuna Street.

“While we are dismayed to learn that an expensive, unnecessary, shonky non-compulsory postal survey is the best that the Federal Government could come up with, rainbow crossings will serve as a timely reminder to all Canberrans to enrol and vote in favour of marriage equality in coming months,” Mr Rattenbury added.