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The ACT Greens have been standing up for Canberra in the Legislative Assembly for 20 years - and we need your support to build on that work in 2016.

With your help, we've changed the conversation in Canberra about light rail - and I’ve been so heartened to hear members of the community talk about the local economic and environmental benefits, as well as the social benefits that light rail is going to bring to our 21st century city.

We campaigned with our community, and won the campaign to secure privacy zones around health facilities so women can access terminations and reproductive healthcare without being intimidated or harassed.

We stood alongside and climate NGOs to call on the Labor Party to divest the Legislative Assembly from fossil fuels.

We're still fighting to legalise medicinal cannabis to ease the suffering of people with terminal and chronic illness - and we'll take our policy of voluntary euthanasia to the election.

Canberra is a progressive, forward thinking place - and I'm standing as a candidate because I want to make it an even more innovative, compassionate and sustainable place to live.

Please donate to our campaign and help us build a fairer and more progressive Canberra.

Jen Faerber
Candidate for Murrumbidgee


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    Donations... matched! Thanks again, my friends! I just chipped in to help the ACT Greens elect five MLAs this October - can you?


    The Greens have driven and delivered the biggest reforms this city has ever seen – from leading the nation on climate action, to our world-class renewable energy targets, to changing the conversation on light rail.

    But at this election, there is a real danger that the Liberals will take us back decades on climate action, gay rights and public transport. They will put the big end of town ahead of the community, and they have big donors with deep pockets.

    We have you.

    We need supporters like you to power our campaign, and help us elect more Greens at this election.

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    You can make your mark on this election:

    • $50 buys 5 yard signs to put up in front yard,
    • $75 buys 1000 fliers that we can hand out when visiting voters,
    • $100 buys 200 letters we can mail to voters about our values and what we have achieved,
    • $150 buys 2,500 text messages to supporters asking them to volunteer
    • $200 can go towards mobile phones so neighbourhood teams can make calls from their own homes,
    • $1,000 pays for Facebook advertising which reaches hundreds of thousands of voters
    • $50,000 buys a direct mail to every voter in Canberra.

    You can claim a tax deduction for donations to political parties to a total of $1,500. More information is here.

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