Our donations

One of our policies is to be open about our major donors. One way we do that is to announce at the end of each month the name of each donor who has given us a total of $1,000 or more over the previous twelve months, with the total they have donated in that time. For our complete policy, please refer to our internal policy on donations.

Accordingly, here are all such donors for the twelve months to June 2016

Nick Abel $2,110
Julie Armstrong $3,100
William Bush $1,000
Patricia Cahill $1,460
Lance Chapman $1,000
Pamela Collett $1,350
Jane Coultas $1,000
Susan and Geoffrey Davidon $1,550
Joel Dignam $6,085
Anette Doran $2,500
Sam Dutton $1,000
Richard Eves $1,500
Sally Faerber $1,500
Judith Gamper $1,200
Andrew Gardner $1,250
David Gibson $11,230
Priscilla Guest $1,200
David Hamilton $1,100
Kathryn Kelly $1,150
Caroline Le Couteur $2,000
Liersch, Tim $1,070.00
Little, John $1,000.00
Lynga, Gosta $2,070.00
MacAfee, Graham $1,500.00
Magarey, Paul $3,500.00
McNeil, Peter $1,000.00
Medbury, Karen $1,000.00
Morland, Ian $5,250.00
O'Rourke, Michael $1,090.00
Padgham, Stephen $4,810.00
Patten, Judith $1,000.00
Pender, Howard $1,380.00
Pfanner, David $1,250.00
Randall, Katrina $1,000.00
Sadhana, Krishna $1,000.00
Trevillian, Jeanine $2,000.00
Trevitt, Sophie $5,135.00
Tyndale-Biscoe, Hugh $1,200.00
Wareham, Sue $1,730.00
Weatherstone, Bren $1,000.00
Weber, Klaus $1,490.00


The first $1,500 of donations and/or membership fees in any financial year are tax deductible. You can donate here or by contacting the ACT Greens on (02) 6140 3220.