Joint Communique - ACT Greens and ACT Labor reaffirm commitment to Parliamentary Agreement

ACT Labor leader Andrew Barr and Parliamentary leader of the ACT Greens Shane Rattenbury have reaffirmed their commitment to the 2012 Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement, following the resignation of Katy Gallagher as Chief Minister, and the nomination of Minister Barr as the new Chief Minister.

Mr Rattenbury will vote to formally appoint Minister Barr as the ACT Chief Minister in the Legislative Assembly later this morning.

Mr Barr and Mr Rattenbury yesterday exchanged letters to reaffirm the endorsement of the Parliamentary Agreement for the 8th Assembly and ensure continued progress towards the remaining items.

The Parliamentary Agreement is a shared agenda to be implemented over the four-year term of the Government covering all portfolio areas. The Agreement was made in 2012 to formalise the relationship between the ACT Greens and ACT Labor to form Government until the next election in October 2016, when the Agreement expires.

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My Week of Campaigning in Melbourne

To support the Victorian Greens for their recent election campaign, a group of ACT Greens supporters travelled to Melbourne to volunteer full-time. Rachel Lynskey spent a week campaigning on Ellen Sandell’s campaign for Melbourne - which saw Ellen become the first lower house Greens MP in the Victorian State Parliament.

Snap snap snap. Ring ring ring. Knock knock knock. For a week these were the sounds of my day.

Much of my time was spent in the campaign office - a large, open area filled with tables, computers, fruit, timeline posters and couches. Staff and volunteers worked together - there was no divide between staff who had been at their desks for months longer than new volunteers fresh of the train from Canberra. Everyone was welcome and willing on this team. It was a beautiful hive of activity orchestrated by a passionate team.

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