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No Airport Arms Ads - Campaign Launch

Saturday August 29, 10.30am - Civic Square (outside Legislative Assembly)

Join the launch of a community campaign to get Canberra Airport to stop advertising for arms manufacturers.


  • Bishop (ret’d) George Browning (former Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn)
  • Sue Salthouse, Canberra Citizen of the Year
  • Diana Abdel-Rahman, President, Australian Muslim Voice

Organised by the Medical Association for the Prevention of War and other community groups.

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Protecting Country Movie Night

Thursday August 6 from 6-9pm.

Short movies and documentaries about forced closures of Aboriginal Homelands:
• Matagarup Speeches
• WA No Uranium mines campaign docos 
(Yeellerie/Kintyre) - 5 mins
• 'Protecting Manuwangku' - No National Nuclear 
Waste Dump campaign movie (30 mins). 

Hiroshima Day 6th August, 6pm
ANU Food Coop, Kingsley St Acton, Canberra

Soup will be available too!

Entry is Free 
(You can donate on night to Matagarup, Western Australian Aboriginal Tent Embassy)

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Unity Screening at Palace Electric

For one night only, Palace Electric Cinemas will be hosting a screening of the acclaimed feature film Unity.

"UNITY is a new documentary that explores humanity’s hopeful transformation from living by killing into living by loving. It is a unique film about compassion for all beings, or all expressions of life,” and going beyond all “separation based on form,” and beyond perceiving opposites.

Writer/Director Shaun Monson, collaborating with an astounding cast of 100 celebrity narrators (never before gathered in the history of film-making), presents a message of love, tragedy and hope, all set against the backdrop of some of the most compelling 20th and 21st Century footage imaginable.

With a cast of 100 voices, (including Jennifer Aniston, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Spacey, Helen Mirren, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Levine, Dr. Dre and Tony Hawk) all speaking as once voice. UNITY is a genuine cinematic experience unlike any other."


Tickets can be bought online via the Palace Electric website (link provided below) for $20 (Adult) or $18 (Concession).

Alternatively, group bookings can be made with the ticket price of $15 pp. To organise a group booking or for more information email or call 02 6222 4900.

For the Canberra Feature Film Coalition booking:

Email Sebastian at

For the Vegan ACT, Team Earthlings and Animal Liberation ACT booking:

Email Michelle at


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Border Politics

4 pm Saturday 15 August
Green Agenda @ Alliance Francaise Canberra

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Borders work differently depending who or what you are - refugees, corporations, trade, security, pollution, information.... Who decides? Who benefits? Why are our borders playing such a pivotal role in today's politics? If you're in or around Canberra on Saturday 15 August join our next Green Agenda launch with Jasmina Brankovich (via internet from Perth), Kyla Tienhaara and Josh Wyndham-Kidd. Jasmina's Green Agenda essay on refugees and human rights will be published in the lead up to the discussion.

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Fossil Finance - webinar

Fossil Finance - Tim Buckley webinar
8 pm Tuesday 4 August

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China and India are the world's two biggest importers of thermal coal and both are moving rapidly to transform their energy markets. The implications for Australia are huge. If coal is indeed in structural decline, stranded assets await - mines in the Galilee Basin, Whitehaven, Shenhua to name a few. Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, for the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, draws on 25 years of financial market experience to survey the outlook for Australian coal.

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Dir: Jerry Rothwell  UK/Canada 112 mins 2015
4pm Sunday  2nd August at Palace Electric Cinema

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