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ACT Greens welcome Victorian moves on voluntary assisted dying

Caroline Le Couteur, MLA

In welcoming news that Victoria will introduce legislation on voluntary assisted dying, the ACT Greens today called on the Federal Government to lift restrictions barring the ACT from determining its own legislation—restrictions that deny the rights and wishes of terminally ill Canberrans to end their lives on their own terms.

Lease Variation charge reprieve a welcome step: ACT Greens

Caroline Le Couteur MLA

Today the ACT Greens welcomed the government’s decision today to postpone the introduction of an increased Lease Variation charge (LVC) in relation to unit development.

“The Greens support LVC as a way of ensuring that the community shares in windfall gains from increases in land values,” said Caroline Le Couteur MLA, Greens spokesperson for planning and development. “That said, I did raise concerns with the Government about the impacts of the sudden four-fold increase.

Greyhound Racing Industry Statement

The Greens do have a view that greyhound racing is an outdated industry that promotes animal exploitation. The ACT Greens have long argued for an end to this exploitative industry – by focusing on the welfare of the dogs and supporting the ACT workers to transition.

Statement on media report

The ACT Greens recognise the devastating impact of sexual assault, harassment and violence on women and are committed to doing everything we can to support women in our party and in the community who have been the victims of violence, harassment or assault; and to prevent sexual violence from occurring.

ACT Greens welcome prospect of third federal seat for the ACT

The ACT Greens welcome the prospect of the ACT gaining a third seat in the federal House of Representatives.

“The people of Canberra deserve to have their voice heard in the Federal Parliament. A third lower house seat in the ACT is more representative and more democratic, and will give the voters of Canberra a real opportunity to elect a much needed alternative to the two old parties,” said Greens Convenor Michael Mazengarb

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